CropSafe launches soil sensor

Insights on your farm in 10 seconds

Simplified insights using satellite data to help you make more informed decisions on the farm

-7% temperature change to 5°
Map your farm

Anywhere on earth, just let us know where you want us to keep any eye on. We'll use this data to photograph your fields from satellites.

What to track

With simple to-do cards, you can ask us to monitor yield health, soil temperature, sensor data and unusual anomalies you don't have time to track.

We'll let you know

We'll keep an eye on what you've asked us to track. If we notice anything unusual, we'll let you know as soon as we do through a text message.

Simplifying the complex

We ditch the complicated dashboards and give you what you really need. Simplified insights allow you to make quicker and more informed decisions.
Your alerts, on one page
Our home page shows you a brief overview of what alerts are currently monitoring the conditions on your farm
Deeper insights, simplified

We believe insights should be simple. So that's what we built. With one tap you can monitor thousands of data points on your farm.

  • Evap Rate
  • Rainfall Tracking
  • Satellite Images
  • Soil & Air Temp
What was that?

Go back in time and view all the notifications received from your alerts, usually delivered through SMS anywhere on earth.

Try It Out

Disease identification and tracking

  • Capture a few photographs

    Snap a few photographs of your leaves with one tap. We'll upload these as soon as you receive internet.

  • We automate the mapping

    We process every image you've taken through our algorithms to detect exactly what disease it is and provide an accurate problem map.

Supported by the best

We're supported and mentored by some of whom we think are the best at what they do, and we're happy to have them by our side.

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