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Soil moisture, temperature, salinity and light. Setup within 60 seconds and alerts sent direct to your phone. Launching 2020.
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Realtime soil data direct your phone

Temperature, light, salinity and moisture can all be monitored using the CropSafe Soil Sensor. Not wired setup required and ready to go in 60 seconds.

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Alerts help you monitor the condition of your fields or farm from satellite, soil or weather

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We keep track of the important changes, letting you focus on what matters


Monitor your sensors wirelessly

Our mobile app and website allows you to monitor your sensors, no matter where you are in the world.

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Forget the wires

A fully wireless setup, no wires or router required. Setup in 60 seconds and go

Global connectivity

Works seamlessly anywhere on the planet, no geo-lock or restrictions

Direct to mobile

Insights direct to your phone or web, wherever you are in the world

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