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October Update

John McElhone


Hi. I’m John, a co-founder of CropSafe. A lot has been happening with us since over the past year!

We’re working towards our mission of providing every farmer on the planet access to up-to-date and affordable crop surveying. We believe we can make this possible using advancing technologies such as satellite imagery and artificial intelligence.

After almost a year of hard work, we feel like we’re ready to start publicly sharing our exciting progress with you. We plan to post our updates once every month through our newsletter. We appreciate you joining us from the start. If you’re interested in what we’re building, you can share with them the link below to sign up for our email updates.

CropSafe has made it to the Invent 12!

Northern Ireland’s most prestigious innovation competition, Invent, is an annual competition run by Catalyst Inc, sponsored by Bank of Ireland UK. Shortlisting 12 finalists from across the country over nine months, the Invent competition challenges and develops innovators, entrepreneurs, scientists, and start-ups to develop their proof of concept idea in a bid to win a share of the £33,000 final prize fund.

After a series of judging rounds, CropSafe has earned a place in the final of Invent 2019 and to pitch to more than 700 investors, entrepreneurs, executives, students, and researchers on Thursday 10 October 2019.

Progress with a new dashboard!

Over the past six months, the feedback we have collected from farmers across the country has helped us build the first prototype of our dashboard. While our dashboard is still in development, we’re always improving features based on our continuous customer feedback loop. We’re following an approach to simplify the complex, by only providing relevant metrics to each farmer’s crop types.

Any farmer, anywhere

CropSafe has recently secured access to a number of satellite constellations currently in orbit – our next step into providing our service to any farmer on the planet. We can now provide our customers with up-to-date imagery every day, soil moisture content or crop stress levels across any size of farm.

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