UI/UX Design Intern

We're seeking a UI/UX Design Intern to join us remotely

Here at CropSafe our mission is to make the life of farmers easier by bridging the gap between modern and often complex farm improvement solutions to the understanding of the average farmer. At CropSafe we believe the access to software, digital connectivity and their benefits shouldn't be limited to those who can understand or operate them, but those to would benefit and need them most. We do this by designing and implementing software and hardware such as our flagship App and Soil Sensors that utilise satellite imagery to better pinpoint changes in crop conditions as well as more accurate weather forecasting.

As a UI/UX designer at CropSafe your job will include but not be limited to:

  • Helping design and improve upon our flagship product the CropSafe App based on feedback from customers after our launch period
  • Prototyping and testing using Figma & Framer
  • Proficiency in User research & personas
  • Good knowledge of key industry tools
  • Be able to iterate on designs based off customer feedback
  • Help illustrate designs using storyboards and process flows
  • Good understanding of branding, typography and color theory

No previous job experience is required BUT we do require a portfolio link to previous work you have completed in the past

The position is part-time and flexible around your current schedule (this can be discussed further  at the interview stage

  • Starting ASAP


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