The future of farming focuses on simplification

We believe growers should be able to make decisions and act on them more quickly, with less effort.

The future of farming focuses on simplification

Today, the world is powered by data. Every hour, thousands of satellite images are taken, millions of soil parameters are processed and weather stations are working hard, monitoring the changing conditions across our globe. We’re in no shortage of the data we can collect. Data only a fraction of the world can understand. And that’s a problem.

So what if, instead of spending hours reading and interpreting data from your farm to answer your questions, you could just … ask?

Should I spray today?

Can you let me know when soil temperature drops below 12C?

Are the fields waterlogged today?

At CropSafe, we’re doing exactly that — we’re empowering growers with simplified farm insights and alerts — no data science degree required. We ingest agricultural data from the most reliable and accurate sources from our weather stations and other sources such as NASA and the European Space Agency. Leave the hard-work to us, you just ask the questions.

As easy as a Google search or Siri request, your personal agronomist now lives one tap away - on your phone.

What would you do with an extra dozen hours a week?

May 1, 2022

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