Announcing our $3 million seed raise

Today, we’re announcing we’ve raised $3 million from a small set of incredible investors.

Announcing our $3 million seed raise

Today, we’re announcing we’ve raised $3 million from a small set of incredible investors we’re privileged to share in the mission of what we're working on at CropSafe. Our job now is to assemble a world-class team, that shares that same vision. (We're hiring ;)

It was a few years ago, in a youth hostel in County Kildare, Ireland that Micheál and I published the first prototype of CropSafe. 3am in the morning it went live - still remember it. It was a homepage and a single map that users could interact with. Pretty scrappy, being held together by thread and what seemed to be no more than spaghetti strands that wobbled under load if more than five visitors tried viewing the same page. But hey, it worked. And we celebrated with a few half-burnt pop tarts in the hostel's 70s-era, still avocado green communal kitchen.

CropSafe was built from day one to bring technology with simplicity to a few farms in our local town, however, always with dreams of how many we could reach across the world. The power of simplifying anything now, we believe is still hugely underrated. The difference between an analytics tool for a few thousand farms, to a few million. The difference between a banking system for the most tech-savvy, to the entire population. The difference between bringing sustainability and livelihood to a few farms in a small town in Ireland, to many across the world.

At CropSafe, we're building the operational and financial operating system for the millions of farms that feed the world’s population, powered by a global network of orbital satellites and weather monitoring stations.

While this may only be one small step on the journey, it won't be just us two doing it alone. And this is the part where I plug that we're hiring. Drop us a line, come join us :)

John & Micheál

Co-founders, CropSafe


Venture Capital firm Elefund led the fundraise, with participation from Foundation Capital, Global Founders Capital, V1.VC and Great Oaks Capital. Angel investors in this round of funding included Cory Levy, Josh Browder, and former head of strategy at Microsoft, Charlie Songhurst.

June 10, 2022

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