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CropSafe selected as Pioneer

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John McElhone
CropSafe selected as Pioneer

Today, CropSafe is proud to announce we have been selected to join Pioneer's October selection cohort.

Pioneer is an online accelerator and tournament in which tens of thousands of projects and early stage startups every year submit weekly updates regarding their progress, traction and product development. Learn more about Pioneer through the New York Time's article here.

CropSafe becomes the first Northern Irish company to represent and fourth Pioneer selection within Ireland. To date, Pioneer has now funded 190 companies and people, helping them with everything from incorporation, to feedback, to fundraising, and all the rest that’s necessary to boost from zero-to-one.

Pioneers are selected on a monthly basis by an expert panel of industry leaders from the likes of Patrick Collison, Marc Andreeseen and Daniel Gross - Pionner's founder, former Apple director and partner at Y-Combinator. Supported by these experts, selected Pioneer's go onto receive support and mentorship from some of the world's most successful investors and founders.

Read the Pioneer announcement here.