May Update

A short and sweet update on exciting announcements and articles from May!

May Update

Our Raise!

We recently announced our seed fund raise of $3 million! We’re privileged to share in the mission of what we're working on at CropSafe. Our job now is to assemble a world-class team, that shares that same vision. We're hiring, learn more about our roles by following this link!

If you would like to read more about our journey click here!

Roman Agriculture

Have you ever wondered if the Romans really did it better? Well... we are here with the answers!

This month we are highlighting past agricultural practices through looking into Roman farming techniques! Check out our article on this here!

Farmer in Focus - Shay Myers!

This month we have an awesome article on Shay Myers, an Onion farmer and farming TikTok influencer from Idaho! Shay tells us all about his business and why he thinks it's important. Read this deep dive here.

Thats all from us this month!  A few interesting reads to dig into until we see you again in June!

August 1, 2022

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