March Update

A March summary update on all things CropSafe!

March Update

The CropSafe team has expanded

The good news on our end is that we’ve onboarded a couple of new members to our team. This opens a lot of doors for us as a company. Namely, we’re now pushing ahead expanding CropSafe and our offerings to many more growers across the world. We’ve been hacking away at behind the scenes on some exciting developments we’re looking forward to sharing with you in the coming months.

We want to remind you we still have further job openings on our website and we’re still on the lookout for a few hires to join us full-time in our new Los Angeles office! Currently, we’re looking for a product manager, data and full-stack engineers, as well as a community and growth manager to join our team!

Although we have listed job roles, if you think you might be a fit for our team and what we’re building at CropSafe, please get in touch regardless. We’d love to hear from you!

Check out our job board more details on open roles!

Have you joined our Facebook group?

At CropSafe from the beginning, we’ve believe the key to building the future of farming will be embedded within a tight-knit and well-structured community. While we’re still early in development, we’re rolling out new initiatives every month to grow our community. In March, we launched our Friends of CropSafe community group, open to everyone to join. We hope to meet many new growers, as well as see some old-timers. Come join us!

The Farmer in Focus this month is...

This month we decided to highlight one of our own: Micheál McLaughlin, co-founder of CropSafe! Micheál grew up in a small townland called Bracka, outside of Draperstown, Northern Ireland, with a strong generational tie to Agriculture by living across the road from his grandad - Mickey Joe (as he is affectionately known).

Mickey Joe started his farm basically from scratch in the 1950s and he’s grown the holding to around 40 cows and to 50 acres of land. Technology has most certainly moved on from Mickey Joe’s early days of workhorses pulling ploughs and the farm now operates under Micheál’s uncle. With a Mickey Joe on hand to share his hard-earned wisdom of course! We think you’re going to find Micheál’s familial ties to farming an interesting story, which you can check out on our website.

Something new: our first team offsite!

With the majority of the CropSafe team currently in Europe right now, and with a few faces we’ve yet to meet in person, this month we ran our first company offsite. Enabled by a few budget Ryanair airline tickets, an Airbnb to fit us all, and about two buckets of gelato, we spent the weekend getting to know each other in the almost three-thousand-year-old beautiful city of Rome.

Although we may have unknowingly missed “The Creation of Adam” at the Vatican, we did get a chance to drink the flavor-packed coffee in Roscioli, eat the world’s best focaccia at the Pantheon and log a lap of the Colosseum on Strava. At CropSafe, although some team members may be remote, and we don’t get the chance the connect in person as often as we would like, our regular in-person off-sites give us all that chance to learn and bond a bit closer. 24/7 work talk isn’t required - sometimes taking a break and just debating who has the best gelato flavor gives you the short brain rest you need.

May 1, 2022

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