July Update

This month we explored new ways to help farmers across the globe, spoke to a farmer-turned-heart surgeon and examined what makes the perf...

July Update

Company All-Hands

This month we finally got to do a team building day. Our last  in-person event was our company trip to Rome in March and so we were very excited to meet and talk all things business

Our day was jam packed with team-bonding events, product workshops and company trajectory talks

An escape room was attempted and a lot of pizza was eaten.. safe to say a 10/10 day.

Farmer in Focus - Donovan Campbell

Donovan was once a former sales team member here at CropSafe! He left to pursue a career in Medicine and we got the chance to catch up with him to hear more about this views on farming! Although Donovan’s immediate family aren’t farmers, it was interesting to see how his extended family’s farming lives have impacted him.

Click here to read more.

Produce of the Month: Carrots 🥕

Carrots are often overlooked  in the culinary world for their basic nature. Yet, they are an amazing veggie that deserved the spotlight. This month we explore how carrots have been grown and bred over the centuries to become what they are today.

Read the blog post here.

There are many exciting things coming around the corner here at CropSafe, stay tuned to hear more 🚀

August 1, 2022

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