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Invent 2019 success!

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John McElhone
Invent 2019 success!

Earlier this year when we first put in our application to Invent 2019, we could never have imagined the journey it would take us on. On October 10th, CropSafe joined 11 other startups that made the final of Invent 2019, each competing for a spot as their category winner and pitching to over 700 attendees on the night.

The CropSafe team is proud to win this year's Agri-Science category at the Invent 2019 Awards.

To all the organisers, supporters and staff at Cataylst Inc that made Invent 2019 possible, thank you for your endless support and encouragement. Further to the fellow 11 other finalists that joined us through these 9 months, we couldn't of asked for a better cohort.