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A bold vision for the future of agtech

We're on a mission to provide every farmer on earth with affordable and accessible modern crop surveying tools

A small team with mighty ambition

Started as a research project in 2018, John and Micheál have brought CropSafe to farmers across the world. We have big plans for the future, so be sure to follow our newsletter for updates!

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Founded in New York City by two life-long friends
Paying customers accrued in 6 short months
Secured funding by our clever partners

The press are lovin' it

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"How these students are developing an app to detect crop disease."

"Students launch an innovative app that could help fight crop disease around the world."

"Potential to save farmers billions of pounds in annual lost revenue."

A growing team of innovators

CropSafe is growing rapidly, and so will our team. We're looking to fill a number of developer roles into 2020, so take a look at our openings below!
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